SKIN INFUSION: The device that embodies the passion for the high quality of
our products

The most innovative and advanced device able to feed, repair and inside prevent the different skin flaws that affect both face and body, improving the cells regeneration and reactivating the micro capillary and lymphatic system.

a highly evolved bioengineering system

■ Skin INFUSION is a highly evolved bioengineering system committed to the non-invasive and completely painless treatment of skin deficit of different nature.

The success of this system is determined by the ability of transcutaneous conveying various active ingredients by using revolutionary electrical and vibrational pulses which allow the temporary opening of the "functional doors" localized in the thickness of the cell membrane and between the cells, defined electropores or protein pore, providing the activation of the currents of interstitial fluid that use just these channels to convey substances such as elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, skin cosmetics, vitamins and amino acids in the interstitial matrix and in the cells.

Punti di Forza del dispositivo

• Absence of pain and invasiveness
•Presence of the active ingredient in the desired areas in quantities that are higher than that obtainable by systemic way
• Direct application of the active ingredient
• Reduction of the systemic absorption and toxicity
• Lower amount of active ingredient required
• Increased speed of action and then quick result

The device includes 10 programs committed to the improvement of any skin imperfection, from the laxity that affect both face and body to senile and solar discoloration, from cellulite to the imbalances of the scalp. The programs also allow to meet the needs of women and men thanks to specific and different parameters of use according to gender.

■ not only for the treatment of skin problems

Furthermore vibrational pulses are able to stimulate not only the various receptors appointed to the cutaneous vascularization as the Merkel's
corpuscles, but also present a localized action on the structural proteins that act as scaffolds for our skin.
This system is suitable not only for the treatment of skin problems associated with aging such as wrinkles, laxity and discoloration but also for the treatment of edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy (EFP), commonly known as cellulite.

Several are the application fields

Several are therefore the fields of application, from the aesthetic to the medical one, for example for the local analgesic application of rheumatic diseases or in case of skin diseases such as acne.
This method represents the evolution of the mesotherapy technique and of the lymphatic drainage massage, as it shows a marked efficacy without invasiveness, pain, oedema, or side effect. In this way the active substance conveyed has less side effects and more bioavailability compared to traditional methods of conveyance, as it uses both the intercellular and transcellular communication routes , interfacing directly with the cell heart and solving the problems from the inside.