The H6RF Bipolar Radio Frequency of DermoSistemi is a new treatment with non-surgical procedure that aims to regenerate tissues and to improve the face skin blemishes (wrinkles, furrows, folds and depressions) and some body imperfections (laxity on neck, abdomen, arms, buttocks, inner thighs, fat deposits and cellulite*).


Multifunctional and easy to use

■ The localised diathermy generated by the H6RF device heats the tissues in depth, increasing the fibroblasts for a faster regeneration and causing a skin retraction with an immediate Skin Tightening effect.

■ The H6RF Radiofrequency is an innovative multifunctional device equipped with a unique hardware architecture which allows to combine, in a single device, multiple technologies. It is a real mix of innovation and scientific research.

■ Bipolar Radiofrequency of resistive type with concentric handpiece for face (1) and hexpolar for body (2).

With the H6RF and H6RFD devices, today you can treat all the imperfections related to sagging skin and, thanks to the modern hexpolar body handpiece, also the imperfections associated to localised fats, cellulite and to its mixed forms**.

The operator, in addition, according to the desired effects and actions, can directly choose the proper frequency among 470Khz, 800Khz and 1000 kHz.(3).

SCEP (Self Control Emission Power)

is the new type of technology with which we have equipped the H6RF: the new resistive and non-ablative bipolar radiofrequency for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine. R.F. H6RF (compared to other technologies) has been equipped, thanks to the work of our engineers, with a unique system that we call SCEP (Self Control Emission Power). This system allows to work at optimum and homogeneous temperature across the tissue portion and for the whole time of treatment, without the risk of tissues overheating and of accidental thermal damage. This system (SCEP Self Control Emission Power) is able to assess instantly and at any time the resistivity given by the tissues by calibrating the supply of energy and automatically stopping the delivery of energy when the handpiece is no longer in contact with the skin.


■ Uno studio clinico multicentrico (Israele, Spagna, Italia ) effettuato su 250 persone ha dimostrato l’efficacia di questa tecnica di soft lifting che oltre a rimodellare, tonificare e ricostruire la pelle danneggiata riduce in caso di cellulite anche la circonferenza di addome e cosce ( 93%) di 3 – 4 cm.