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h6rf twin system - radiofrequency

The H6RF Bipolar Radio Frequency of DermoSistemi is a new treatment with non-surgical procedure that aims to regenerate tissues and to improve the face skin blemishes (wrinkles, furrows, folds and depressions) and some body imperfections (laxity on neck, abdomen, arms, buttocks, inner thighs, fat deposits and cellulite*).

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Skin Infusion

SKIN INFUSION: The device that embodies the passion for the high quality of
our products

The most innovative and advanced device able to feed, repair and inside prevent the different skin flaws that affect both face and body, improving the cells regeneration and reactivating the micro capillary and lymphatic system.

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The MEDICAV50 and CAV30 devices are the innovative ultrasound equipment at low frequency that, exploiting the physical phenomenon of ultrasonic cavitation, enable to treat the imperfections of localised adiposities, of the EFSP and of its mixed forms in an efficacious and totally non-invasive way, without pain and without causing big discomforts to patients.

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Quantika is an advanced and modern technological platform for the progressive permanent photo hair removal thanks to the linear xenon lamp of absolute quality (that is liquid-cooled and with sealed circuit), the slender and versatile handpiece for all the body areas and the software management able to thinly modulate the distribution of J/cm².

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Isopharma relies on designers and engineers specilised in the field of biomedical and electro aesthetic equipments, on experts in the industrial design and engineering, on medical, scientific and technical staff.