The dermo-cosmetic DERMOSISTEMI line is the result of careful scientific research and is placed in a new category of products for the skin and body care designed for a perfect interaction between cosmetic and equipment.


They are formulated with active ingredients at high functional capacity

and raw materials with strong technological innovation, paraben-free and with dermatological tested basis. The DERMOSISTEMI dermo-cosmetic products have as their objective the tissue recovery and the slowdown in the pathophysiological processes of the skin aging.

Each product of the DERMOSISTEMI line contains specific soothing, moisturizing, slimming, toning and anti-aging actives with proven efficacy in the skin treatment of face and neck. They are a real natural mix, designed as for a specific use combined together with the related technological support, as for home use.

paraben free

The line contains, among the main active principles, the LIPOIC acid, also known as tiotic acid, a particular vitamin able to melting both in fats as in the water with a strong antiaging ability. Its action protects cell membranes and penetrates up to the cytoplasm. This vitamin is known for its radical scavenging and antioxidant functions. Another active ingredient widely used in the DERMOSISTEMI dermo-cosmetic products is the Hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced by our organism and one of the major component of the connective tissue with an important structural role in the epidermis together with collagen and elastin


The DERMOSISTEMI line uses as the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, a not sulphide glicosaminoglicano having a pronounced ability to retain water, as that at low molecular weight (1000-3000 daltons), that can penetrate the skin and play inside its dermo-cosmetic functions. This specific molecular weight allows a perfect conveyance with the equipment and an easy absorption by the epidermis. With the DERMOSISTEMI products Hyaluronic acid based it is possible to improve the cohesion of the cells and the barrier effect of the skin. The synergy of the two active ingredients with different molecular weight maximizes the incredible benefits of this substance on the skin.

Safety and visible results are a matter of fact in different countries around the world, thanks to the research and tests make available to professional aesthetics as a perfect synergy between dermo-cosmetic products and the best technological solutions