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Isopharma was established in 2004 with the industrial aim to design, develop, engineer and market electromedical, electro-aesthetic equipments and cosmeceutical solutions intended for dermatology, aesthetic medicine and professional beauty.


dynamism, flexibility to the market and improving national and international partnerships.

Since the beginning we have based our work on people’s health and wellness, investing resources and competences in research and experimentation, standing out for dynamism, flexibility to the market and improving national and international partnerships.

Today the company is made up of three divisions: DERMOSISTEMI®, which develops research projects and produces devices for dermatology, aesthetic medicine and professional beauty; Qderm®, which deals with the functional cosmetics field; and mySPA®, which works in the wellness and SPA field. Our projects come from the cooperation with Institutes of Research, as public as private, in order to transfer, through the scientific research, a concrete improvement in our products and technologies.



The Isopharma Group is a dynamic 100% Italian company, with a background of more then 14 years of experience in the biomedical and aesthetics technology sectors. The technology solutions for aesthetics and aesthetic medicine of ISOPHARMA are the results of continuous researches carried out within the company and applied afterward to machines, systems, laser devices, IPL (pulsed light), Photodynamic therapy, RF, ultrasounds, cavitation and soundwaves.

A wide range of advanced equipments for the most requested treatments as in aesthetics as in aesthetic medicine and out-patient dermatology. Easy to use thanks to the choice of a colored graphics interface, our devices focus on patient/client and professionals. Furthermore, all the equipments, devices and appliances produced by ISOPHARMA are 100% ITALIAN, not only for design but also for every single piece manufacturing, in order to guarantee quality and reliability to the operators of the sector.



The DERMOSISTEMI® branded equipments are the result of an important team work that involves, for each specific project, various professionals, both internal and external to the company.
Isopharma avails itself of designers and engineers specialized in the field of biomedical and electroaesthetic devices, of experts in industrial design and in engineering, medical, scientific and technical personnel.
To buy the DERMOSISTEMI® technology means investing on certainties, starting from the professional and economic results, until the complete know-how transmission from our company to the professional.
Training on theoretical principles, application training, sales training, are the basis of the success of those who choose our equipments.



The Dermocosmetics Line, produced and commercialised by Isopharma, is the result of accurate researches and innovations in the cosmeceuticals field. They are products with high concentrations of natural active ingredients having proven efficacy and conceived for the application combined with the technologies. Safety and visible results are a matter of fact in different countries, thanks to the research and tests make available to professionals of beauty and dermatology.

Our company adopts the quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 13485:2012 and holds intellectual properties rights on European and national marks.